The Best Time to Visit Helsinki

The capital city of Finland Helsinki is known for its architectural monuments, breathtaking views and a hub for commerce and life. This city, which is high in terms of tourism has a lot to offer for new travelers of all age groups. But is the town right to pay a visit at any time of the year?. Well, let’s analyze the city during different seasons and find the best time suitable for you to visit the city of Helsinki.

Helsinki in Summer

Summer in Helsinki is not bad, after all. The temperature is at a minimum, which is quality time for travelers. The atmosphere remains a bit cool but slightly uncomfortable at times. On the plus side, summertime in Helsinki is a period where travel agencies offer discounted rates on their packages, which is also one of the main reasons why summer is crowded in Helsinki. So if your an individual who likes offers and even does not mind massive crowds, then summer is your time.


Helsinki in Winter

The peak time between November to late February consolidates the winter in Helsinki and hence falls between the holiday season. Prices can go up during this season, but the city manages to keep you delighted throughout this time as it has a lot to offer. Although the winter turns up to be cold, the festive cheer is cloud and clear. Taking the ferry during winter seems an ideal deal as you tend to witness them pass through ice and few other mesmerizing visuals. But if your interest lies in art and history, then winter might not be suitable for you as most of the museums and art galleries are closed during this time of the year.

Helsinki in Spring

Springtime in Helsinki opens the gate for a climate which is soothing and also for a lot of events. The springtime with longer days is suitable for travelers with a lot of sightseeing opportunities. The galleries and art museums remain open during this time, providing travelers with a lot of options. The Helsinki nightlife scene is famous during this part of the year, welcoming metalheads, bar hoppers and music lovers. Flight prices tend to remain affordable as it is not a peak traveling time. Hence spring seems like an ideal time for people who like the quiet attractions in life, which avoids vast crowds.

best season.

Helsinki in Autumn

Autumn is generally considered as Helsinki’s best season. The crowds present during summer and winter are long gone leaving you alone with an entire city to explore. Autumn also provides for quite a time near lakes and rivers as the flowers tend to give you company, best suited as an ideal time to relax and read a book.


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