The Best Tourist Destinations In Helsinki

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is best known as a travelers hub as it has a lot to offer. From architectural beauties to extravagant nightlife, the city of Helsinki offers something for everyone. So if your planning to visit or hoping to visit, then here are some of the top tourist destinations in Helsinki that you shouldn’t miss.

Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church)

Designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, this architectural symphony creates a visualizing experience for any traveler. With a glazed dome that welcomes natural light into the structure, this solid rock church offers peace to everyone who enters.

Sibelius Monument and Park

Sibelius Monument and Park

Eila Hiltunen created a masterpiece way back in 1967 with this monument. Initially formed by a collection of metal pipes that develops a sense of soothing music each time the wind strikes it. Although it was surrounded by controversy, it still managed to grab every traveler’s eyeballs.

Seurasaari Open-air Museum

Filled with the ancient history of Finland, this museum offers some excellent options to learn and seek knowledge about their past. Some of the manors and farms are as old as four centuries. The Seurasaari Museum is structurally the largest outdoor museum in Finland.

Uspensky Cathedral

The Uspensky Cathedral is so vast that it dominates the skyline pushing it above the harbor. It’s brick building consolidated with high towers is an architectural icon. With equally impressive interiors, travelers always tend to stop by.

Korkeasaari Zoo

Located on the island of Korkeasaari, this zoo is one of the largest zoos in the whole of Finland. Home to the Siberian tiger, Eurasian brown bear, and a lot more unique animals and species.


Vallisaari Island

This beautiful island lets you go on a journey filled with beautiful sights, making it a visual treat. Every traveler energizes their hiking experience once they set foot on this island.


Located on nearly six rocky islands off Helsinki, Suomenlinna is famously known as the castle of Finland. Suomenlinna provides a haven for travelers as it is a suitable place for picnics and is generally open throughout the year.

Helsinki Railway Station

Helsinki Railway Station

At first, people might wonder as to why visit a railway station? But that question slowly fades away the moment you get a glimpse of the Helsinki railway station. It is known for its classic architecture, this station boots a 48-meter tall clock tower visible throughout the city.

Central Park

Helsinki’s central park is massive as it covers nearly 10 kilometers of distance. If you’re in the mood for activities, then the central park has all of them.

Casino Helsinki

State owned monopoly is the only one allowed to offer casino games, so at the moment Casino Helsinki is the only casino in mainland Finland. There are about 20 000 slot machines, but they are sprinkled all around the country – you can find betting booths and slots in shops, kiosks, pubs and even hospitals. More info about casinos in Finland.

Market Square

The market square is one of the few best-known markets for commerce in all of Helsinki. The square is loaded with a list of products ranging from fresh meat to homemade jewelry, that makes it an ideal shopping destination.


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