Things To Do In Helsinki For One Day

Situated in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a charming and beautiful city to visit. Soothing weather, helpful people, architectural stands are few of the things which Helsinki offers, making it to every traveler’s list of places to visit. So in case your planning to visit, here are some of the things you can do in Helsinki.

Helsinki Cathedral

Known for its architectural beauty, the Helsinki Cathedral was built in the 19th century. Rich in history and landmark, this world-famous cathedral is visited by people all around the world.

Helsinki City Museum

If history and art are your cup of tea, then missing this one is a huge mistake. The Helsinki City Museum exhibits and talks about the traditional Finnish costumes which were prevalent in the 19th century. Photographs and virtual technology has taken a few of its citizens down the memory lane.

Helsinki City Museum

Old Market Hall

Established in 1889 this age-old place will tempt you with its meat, fish and all other produce which are readily available. This building was also credited for bringing a roof over the Helsinki market.

The Market Square

Apart from all the meat shopping, if you’re interested in tasting the Finnish coffee or in the mood for some handmade jewelry, then you must visit the Market Square. This square is the heart of commerce and life for all the people who live in Helsinki.

The Chapel of Silence

Tired of the city noise?, then you must head out to the Chapel of Silence, which offers a calm and beautiful atmosphere for energizing your thoughts. This tiny chapel filled with wooden benches and Nordic spruce looks to enhance the surrounding inside.

Helsinki University Botanical Garden

There is nothing more energizing and revealing than spending an evening amidst a few plants. With plants and flowers from all around the world, this garden goes on for acres together.

Helsinki University Botanical Garden

Cafe Ekberg

Visiting the city of Helsinki need not put a stop to your hangout routine. Cafe Ekberg famously known as one of the classiest cafes in all of Finland has a seat for almost every visitor. Its famous cake or hot chocolate are few of the delights which the people of Helsinki won’t stop bragging about.


After a tiring day of traveling and discovering, if you feel low and in the mood for a drink, then look no further than the famous Juttutupa pub and restaurant. An atmosphere that is blended to suit rock heads and jazz contemporaries, the Juttutupa provides a taste of everything. With a delightful menu tailored to match kids and adults, this age-old restaurant was once known for conducting historic, revolutionary socialist meetings attended by the likes of Vladimir Lenin.


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