Why You Should Try Gambling in Helsinki

Besides a spectacular view of the northern lights and great cultural sights, Finland has an interesting hidden side: huge and quite mindblowing gambling industry. Finland’s capital Helsinki is the home for one of the most interesting casinos and without a doubt, Finns are one of the biggest gambling enthusiasts in the whole Europe. When you’re planning your trip to Helsinki but have never visited a casino before, there are some very good reasons you might want to step inside one of the awesome gambling establishments. Gambling is completely legal and regulated in Finland While gambling is still without a doubt a very controversial subject, Helsinki is one of the cities where you never have to worry about the legitimacy of gambling institutions. Casinos and all other gambling forms are completely allowed in Finland thanks to the Finnish regulation. Now, the Finnish gambling industry is quite interesting since technically, gambling is monopolized and controlled by the Continue Reading

The Best Tourist Destinations In Helsinki

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is best known as a travelers hub as it has a lot to offer. From architectural beauties to extravagant nightlife, the city of Helsinki offers something for everyone. So if your planning to visit or hoping to visit, then here are some of the top tourist destinations in Helsinki that you shouldn’t miss. Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church) Designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, this architectural symphony creates a visualizing experience for any traveler. With a glazed dome that welcomes natural light into the structure, this solid rock church offers peace to everyone who enters. Sibelius Monument and Park Eila Hiltunen created a masterpiece way back in 1967 with this monument. Initially formed by a collection of metal pipes that develops a sense of soothing music each time the wind strikes it. Although it was surrounded by controversy, it still managed to grab every traveler’s eyeballs. Seurasaari Open-air Museum Filled with Continue Reading