The concept of affordability and food go hand in hand at Helsinki. As travelers keep exploring the city, they have told that the food should also be considered as a great attraction of the capital of Finland. Whether it is mouthwatering delights or the average everyday meal, Helsinki does have it all. So to give a better taste of what we are talking about, here’s a list of the top restaurants, cafes, and markets in Helsinki. The Restaurants 1. Juuri Juuri is a famous restaurant in Helsinki which is highly preferred by people living in and around the city. This Finnish restaurant serves one of the best Sapas(Finnish version of the Spanish meal Tapas) in the entire town. 2. B-smokery This barbeque is renowned for bringing in and introducing the barbeque dish into Finland. Hot wings and spare ribs are some of the mouthwatering dishes available at this bbq joint. 3. Shelter The shelter was Continue Reading