5 Surprising Facts about Gambling in Finland

Helsinki is a home for many fascinating industries and organizations but none of them is perhaps as polarizing as gambling is. Both Finnish physical casinos and online casinos are thoroughly intriguing, wrapped in many peculiar facts that non-Finnish people might even find weird. Below, we’ll uncover some surprising facts you might not have known before about gambling in Finland and especially in Helsinki. Casino dealers make way less than you think The gambling industry seems so glamorous and luxurious but surprisingly, dealers don’t make nearly as much as you might have imagined. According to SalaryExpert, an average dealer makes about 26 000€ or approximately 13€ per hour. On the bright side, salary increases with experience, and most entry-level dealer jobs don’t require specific knowledge since training will be on-site. Not too shabby for someone without any job experience but a thrive to learn about casino games! There’s only one casino in Finland Now we get to Continue Reading

Why You Should Try Gambling in Helsinki

Besides a spectacular view of the northern lights and great cultural sights, Finland has an interesting hidden side: huge and quite mindblowing gambling industry. Finland’s capital Helsinki is the home for one of the most interesting casinos and without a doubt, Finns are one of the biggest gambling enthusiasts in the whole Europe. When you’re planning your trip to Helsinki but have never visited a casino before, there are some very good reasons you might want to step inside one of the awesome gambling establishments. Gambling is completely legal and regulated in Finland While gambling is still without a doubt a very controversial subject, Helsinki is one of the cities where you never have to worry about the legitimacy of gambling institutions. Casinos and all other gambling forms are completely allowed in Finland thanks to the Finnish regulation. Now, the Finnish gambling industry is quite interesting since technically, gambling is monopolized and controlled by the Continue Reading

Things To Do In Helsinki For One Day

Situated in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a charming and beautiful city to visit. Soothing weather, helpful people, architectural stands are few of the things which Helsinki offers, making it to every traveler’s list of places to visit. So in case your planning to visit, here are some of the things you can do in Helsinki. Helsinki Cathedral Known for its architectural beauty, the Helsinki Cathedral was built in the 19th century. Rich in history and landmark, this world-famous cathedral is visited by people all around the world. Helsinki City Museum If history and art are your cup of tea, then missing this one is a huge mistake. The Helsinki City Museum exhibits and talks about the traditional Finnish costumes which were prevalent in the 19th century. Photographs and virtual technology has taken a few of its citizens down the memory lane. Old Market Hall Established in 1889 this age-old place will tempt you Continue Reading