in 2015 was a to bring the 73rd to , Finland, to be held Thursday 6 August – Monday 10 August 2015 at the Exhibition and Convention Centre. We lost the site selection vote at , by a rather narrow margin.

But not all hope is yet lost! We're trying again, and urge you to support in 2017!

We'd like to thank all our supporters, and our voters. We came really close, and we couldn't have got so far without all your help. We'd also like to thank our competitors from Orlando and Spokane for a well-fought race, and 3 for administering the site selection vote without fault.

Do keep in mind that if you did vote, you are now a supporting member of , the 2015 , and are entitled to:

  • Nominate works for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 ballots
  • Vote for the 2015 s
  • Receive all the publications of the 2015
  • Vote in the 2017 site selection vote
  • Upgrade your membership to an attending one, for USD $100 until at least the end of this year

The rest of this website is, for now, left as it was.

We believe in ; we believe in its scope and its format. If those were to change too much or too fast, the world would soon have a -shaped hole in it. What we want is to add to 's membership, and its reach, internationally. We want to give European fans a chance to come to London in 2014, to see and experience what a is, and to then be able to bring their friends and family again to the following year. Many of them will also help organise with us, having the chance of attending more than once.

If we get them to do that, then, well, it's almost as if we're talking about building a European fandom, as opposed to our current collection of many national fandoms. We also believe Nordic and Finnish fandom in particular has a lot to show to the rest of the world, and we'd very much like the opportunity to shine.