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Helsinki also is known as Finland’s southern capital has some of the best weather, museums which can be traced back to the stone ages. It is one of the most vibrant city which sits on the seaside of the island.


Explore Helsinki's: See & Do


There is no shortage of sights when you are in Helsinki as it offers the beauty of both the sea as well as the greens


No matter what time of the year, Helsinki will have an event, at least 3000 of them throughout the year, you can be sure that you will find an event you like.


With Helsinki being a popular destination site, it is no wonder that it has a lot of places for you to bring your shopaholic self to this beautiful place.


Helsinki has something to offer, no matter what your preference is. If you are especially interested in waters sport, Helsinki has you covered.

Day Trips

What trip is complete without a full day trip? Helsinki has a lot to offer from castles to market place be sure that one day is not going to be enough.


If you want to enjoy this place throughout the night, do not worry. Just get in some local and we assure you that there is not a moment that you wouldn't enjoy.

Sail To Helsinki's Nearby Islands

Helsinki’s has so much to offer, but if you want a change of pace, you can easily book a boat and sail to the beautiful Islands located nearby Helsinki. Visit in the morning or night, if you are feeling great book a hotel and enjoy these Islands to the fullest.

Most Favourite Places







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5 Surprising Facts about Gambling in Finland

Helsinki is a home for many fascinating industries and organizations but none of them is perhaps as polarizing as gambling is. Both Finnish physical casinos and online casinos are thoroughly intriguing, wrapped in many peculiar facts that non-Finnish people might even find weird.

Below, we’ll uncover some surprising facts you might not have known before about gambling in Finland and especially in Helsinki.

Casino dealers make way less than you think

The gambling industry seems so glamorous and luxurious but surprisingly, dealers don’t make nearly as much as you might have imagined. According to SalaryExpert, an average dealer makes about 26 000€ or approximately 13€ per hour.

On the bright side, salary increases with experience, and most entry-level dealer jobs don’t require specific knowledge since training will be on-site. Not too shabby for someone without any job experience but a thrive to learn about casino games!

There’s only one casino in Finland

Now we get to the most peculiar part of the Finnish gambling industry. All Finnish gambling operations are handled by one company called Veikkaus Oy which is, in fact, a state-owned company. Veikkaus runs one physical casino in Finland and that’s located right in Helsinki.

So, when you’re playing in Casino Helsinki, you can feel proud because that’s literally the only Finnish casino available! Besides that, Veikkaus puts most of the profit to charities, so you’re essentially gambling for a good cause.

The curious case of the Aland Islands

While in mainland Finland there’s just Casino Helsinki, it’s possible to gamble in another place in Finland – in Mariehamn, the capital city of Aland Islands. Aland is an autonomous region with a completely different set of gambling regulations, so the Finnish gambling rules don’t apply there.

Aland Islands is the home of Paf

Paf kasino Ahvenanmaa

Paf is a very well-known name for not only Finnish players, but many Europeans too. This international gaming company was actually established in the Aland Islands already in 1966 and works there to this day.

Paf started off as a charity organization and has now grown into one of the best casinos in the Baltic region. In addition to being one of the first gambling organizations in Europe, Paf was also the first to establish an internet-based gambling option with their online casino.

Helsinki has an active poker scene

Despite gambling being controlled by a state-owned company, poker is one of the most active gambling types in Helsinki, growing bigger and bigger every year. There are even several very popular and successful Finnish poker players, such as a true legend Patrik Antonius and a big-time winner Juha Helppi.

As Casino Helsinki runs cash games every day, it’s easy for anyone start with poker. Poker remains one of the most loved gambling types and only promises to grow bigger in the coming years.

Casino Helsinki

Why You Should Try Gambling in Helsinki

Besides a spectacular view of the northern lights and great cultural sights, Finland has an interesting hidden side: huge and quite mindblowing gambling industry. Finland’s capital Helsinki is the home for one of the most interesting casinos and without a doubt, Finns are one of the biggest gambling enthusiasts in the whole Europe.

When you’re planning your trip to Helsinki but have never visited a casino before, there are some very good reasons you might want to step inside one of the awesome gambling establishments.

Gambling is completely legal and regulated in Finland

While gambling is still without a doubt a very controversial subject, Helsinki is one of the cities where you never have to worry about the legitimacy of gambling institutions. Casinos and all other gambling forms are completely allowed in Finland thanks to the Finnish regulation.

Now, the Finnish gambling industry is quite interesting since technically, gambling is monopolized and controlled by the state. Only the state-owned company Veikkaus Oy is allowed to offer any kind of gambling services. Therefore, when visiting a casino in Helsinki, it’s actually run by the government-owned company.

The interesting part is the fact that foreign companies can still provide their online gambling services in Finland since Finnish laws don’t prohibit them from doing so. For that reason, Helsinki, as well as the rest of Finland, is actually the home to a booming gambling industry where you might find hundreds of Finnish online casinos.

If you visit Casino Helsinki, your money will go to charity

Grand Casino Helsinki is the only brick&mortar casino in mainland Finland.

Who has ever heard of gambling and charity going hand in hand? Well, in Helsinki, this is possible.

If you happen to visit one of Helsinki’s oldest and largest casinos called Casino Helsinki, you might find it interesting to know that absolutely every cent of its profits goes directly to charity! One of the few others practicing this kind of approach is a well-known non-profit casino called Paf which is operated from the Åland islands.

Casino Helsinki is quite intriguing even besides the non-profit approach. You can find as many as about 300 slot machines, tens of gaming tables and a special poker room, all in the same building. Situated in the heart of Helsinki, it’s a definite must-visit for any gambling enthusiast.

Want to feel like a Finn? Try TV lotteries and don’t forget the sauna

It’s no secret that Finns enjoy gambling. According to a 2016 survey, as many as 83% of Finns had gambled at least once over the past few years.
One of the most popular gambling types is still the good old lottery draw that’s shown on TV. In a way, watching the lottery draw is even somewhat of a tradition that goes hand in hand with sauna. If you want to feel like a local, then that’s something you should try. Why not book a fabulous Airbnb in Helsinki, visit the famous Casino Helsinki and perhaps go to a sauna later on? Even if you don’t win, you’ll at least know that the money will be used for a good cause.


The Best Helsinki Restaurants, Cafes And Markets: Helsinki Tour Guide 2019  

The concept of affordability and food go hand in hand at Helsinki. As travelers keep exploring the city, they have told that the food should also be considered as a great attraction of the capital of Finland. Whether it is mouthwatering delights or the average everyday meal, Helsinki does have it all. So to give a better taste of what we are talking about, here’s a list of the top restaurants, cafes, and markets in Helsinki.

The Restaurants

1. Juuri

Juuri is a famous restaurant in Helsinki which is highly preferred by people living in and around the city. This Finnish restaurant serves one of the best Sapas(Finnish version of the Spanish meal Tapas) in the entire town.

entire town

2. B-smokery

This barbeque is renowned for bringing in and introducing the barbeque dish into Finland. Hot wings and spare ribs are some of the mouthwatering dishes available at this bbq joint.

3. Shelter

The shelter was a recent invention and a widely appreciated restaurant, which is soon turning out to be hot favorites. The restaurant’s menu provides a dig in for everybody to enjoy.


1. Cafe Ekberg

Frequent travelers never leave the city without at least having a cup of coffee from this age-old cafe. The menu at this cafe serves everything from breakfast meals to lunch buffets, also making it a classy hangout spot.

2. Fazer Cafe

Fazer cafe can at times be called the new version of cafe Ekberg, but is it a better version? Preferably not. But that does not mean that the cafe is no good. Instead, its Fazer chocolate bars are a famous brand of chocolates preferred by consumers both at the cafe and at markets.

3. Kappeli

This is another top cafe famous for its Salmon salad and lemon vinaigrette, which is considered by many as a reliable option. Kappeli is also known for providing an excellent viewpoint for customers as they enjoy their food.


1. Kauppatori Market Square

Seasonal foods or local crafts, you name they’ve got it. This renowned market is well known for conducting commerce throughout the day as customers keep coming in huge numbers.

2. Hakaniemi Market Hall

Hakaniemi Market Hall

Although the Hakaniemi Market Hall does not have the number of stalls like the Market Square, it still boasts of fresh seafood, pastries, and a whole range of commodities.

3. St.thomas Christmas Market

Rightly as the name suggests, commerce and life come alive in this market only during the holiday season. The market boasts of products and goodies which will help you in bringing the holiday cheer. If your considering visiting Helsinki during the winter season, then you must visit this market.


Visit Helsinki

The Best Time to Visit Helsinki

The capital city of Finland Helsinki is known for its architectural monuments, breathtaking views and a hub for commerce and life. This city, which is high in terms of tourism has a lot to offer for new travelers of all age groups. But is the town right to pay a visit at any time of the year?. Well, let’s analyze the city during different seasons and find the best time suitable for you to visit the city of Helsinki.

Helsinki in Summer

Summer in Helsinki is not bad, after all. The temperature is at a minimum, which is quality time for travelers. The atmosphere remains a bit cool but slightly uncomfortable at times. On the plus side, summertime in Helsinki is a period where travel agencies offer discounted rates on their packages, which is also one of the main reasons why summer is crowded in Helsinki. So if your an individual who likes offers and even does not mind massive crowds, then summer is your time.


Helsinki in Winter

The peak time between November to late February consolidates the winter in Helsinki and hence falls between the holiday season. Prices can go up during this season, but the city manages to keep you delighted throughout this time as it has a lot to offer. Although the winter turns up to be cold, the festive cheer is cloud and clear. Taking the ferry during winter seems an ideal deal as you tend to witness them pass through ice and few other mesmerizing visuals. But if your interest lies in art and history, then winter might not be suitable for you as most of the museums and art galleries are closed during this time of the year.

Helsinki in Spring

Springtime in Helsinki opens the gate for a climate which is soothing and also for a lot of events. The springtime with longer days is suitable for travelers with a lot of sightseeing opportunities. The galleries and art museums remain open during this time, providing travelers with a lot of options. The Helsinki nightlife scene is famous during this part of the year, welcoming metalheads, bar hoppers and music lovers. Flight prices tend to remain affordable as it is not a peak traveling time. Hence spring seems like an ideal time for people who like the quiet attractions in life, which avoids vast crowds.

best season.

Helsinki in Autumn

Autumn is generally considered as Helsinki’s best season. The crowds present during summer and winter are long gone leaving you alone with an entire city to explore. Autumn also provides for quite a time near lakes and rivers as the flowers tend to give you company, best suited as an ideal time to relax and read a book.


Tourist Destinations

The Best Tourist Destinations In Helsinki

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is best known as a travelers hub as it has a lot to offer. From architectural beauties to extravagant nightlife, the city of Helsinki offers something for everyone. So if your planning to visit or hoping to visit, then here are some of the top tourist destinations in Helsinki that you shouldn’t miss.

Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church)

Designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, this architectural symphony creates a visualizing experience for any traveler. With a glazed dome that welcomes natural light into the structure, this solid rock church offers peace to everyone who enters.

Sibelius Monument and Park

Sibelius Monument and Park

Eila Hiltunen created a masterpiece way back in 1967 with this monument. Initially formed by a collection of metal pipes that develops a sense of soothing music each time the wind strikes it. Although it was surrounded by controversy, it still managed to grab every traveler’s eyeballs.

Seurasaari Open-air Museum

Filled with the ancient history of Finland, this museum offers some excellent options to learn and seek knowledge about their past. Some of the manors and farms are as old as four centuries. The Seurasaari Museum is structurally the largest outdoor museum in Finland.

Uspensky Cathedral

The Uspensky Cathedral is so vast that it dominates the skyline pushing it above the harbor. It’s brick building consolidated with high towers is an architectural icon. With equally impressive interiors, travelers always tend to stop by.

Korkeasaari Zoo

Located on the island of Korkeasaari, this zoo is one of the largest zoos in the whole of Finland. Home to the Siberian tiger, Eurasian brown bear, and a lot more unique animals and species.


Vallisaari Island

This beautiful island lets you go on a journey filled with beautiful sights, making it a visual treat. Every traveler energizes their hiking experience once they set foot on this island.


Located on nearly six rocky islands off Helsinki, Suomenlinna is famously known as the castle of Finland. Suomenlinna provides a haven for travelers as it is a suitable place for picnics and is generally open throughout the year.

Helsinki Railway Station

Helsinki Railway Station

At first, people might wonder as to why visit a railway station? But that question slowly fades away the moment you get a glimpse of the Helsinki railway station. It is known for its classic architecture, this station boots a 48-meter tall clock tower visible throughout the city.

Central Park

Helsinki’s central park is massive as it covers nearly 10 kilometers of distance. If you’re in the mood for activities, then the central park has all of them.

Casino Helsinki

State owned monopoly is the only one allowed to offer casino games, so at the moment Casino Helsinki is the only casino in mainland Finland. There are about 20 000 slot machines, but they are sprinkled all around the country – you can find betting booths and slots in shops, kiosks, pubs and even hospitals. More info about casinos in Finland.

Market Square

The market square is one of the few best-known markets for commerce in all of Helsinki. The square is loaded with a list of products ranging from fresh meat to homemade jewelry, that makes it an ideal shopping destination.



Things To Do In Helsinki For One Day

Situated in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a charming and beautiful city to visit. Soothing weather, helpful people, architectural stands are few of the things which Helsinki offers, making it to every traveler’s list of places to visit. So in case your planning to visit, here are some of the things you can do in Helsinki.

Helsinki Cathedral

Known for its architectural beauty, the Helsinki Cathedral was built in the 19th century. Rich in history and landmark, this world-famous cathedral is visited by people all around the world.

Helsinki City Museum

If history and art are your cup of tea, then missing this one is a huge mistake. The Helsinki City Museum exhibits and talks about the traditional Finnish costumes which were prevalent in the 19th century. Photographs and virtual technology has taken a few of its citizens down the memory lane.

Helsinki City Museum

Old Market Hall

Established in 1889 this age-old place will tempt you with its meat, fish and all other produce which are readily available. This building was also credited for bringing a roof over the Helsinki market.

The Market Square

Apart from all the meat shopping, if you’re interested in tasting the Finnish coffee or in the mood for some handmade jewelry, then you must visit the Market Square. This square is the heart of commerce and life for all the people who live in Helsinki.

The Chapel of Silence

Tired of the city noise?, then you must head out to the Chapel of Silence, which offers a calm and beautiful atmosphere for energizing your thoughts. This tiny chapel filled with wooden benches and Nordic spruce looks to enhance the surrounding inside.

Helsinki University Botanical Garden

There is nothing more energizing and revealing than spending an evening amidst a few plants. With plants and flowers from all around the world, this garden goes on for acres together.

Helsinki University Botanical Garden

Cafe Ekberg

Visiting the city of Helsinki need not put a stop to your hangout routine. Cafe Ekberg famously known as one of the classiest cafes in all of Finland has a seat for almost every visitor. Its famous cake or hot chocolate are few of the delights which the people of Helsinki won’t stop bragging about.


After a tiring day of traveling and discovering, if you feel low and in the mood for a drink, then look no further than the famous Juttutupa pub and restaurant. An atmosphere that is blended to suit rock heads and jazz contemporaries, the Juttutupa provides a taste of everything. With a delightful menu tailored to match kids and adults, this age-old restaurant was once known for conducting historic, revolutionary socialist meetings attended by the likes of Vladimir Lenin.


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